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How Can I Help You Have The Best Sex Of Your Life?

Do you find yourself yearning to experience true intimacy? Maybe right now you’re:

Well you’re in the right place! I’m on an ongoing quest to help women discover the real understanding of sex, sexuality and intimacy. 

I have invested years into studying and practicing different techniques and methodologies about sex and intimacy. My ultimate holistic approach involves a special concoction of science, psychology and the Eastern methodology of Tantra Sex.

Enough about me, let’s talk about your incredible sexual worthiness potential! You may not know it, but you have the potential to have the most playful, fun and pleasurable sex that you can imagine…and identify and embrace your blockages and negative experiences with sex. More importantly, you are worthy of ESCTATIC SEX.

Let's Get You The Sex You Desire

I have a range of coaching options to suit your needs. The goal of each coaching option is to give you the tools you need to experience pleasurable sex.
  • These tools will help you get out of your head and connect to your body sensations.
  • You’ll learn to fall in love with your full self.
  • We’ll work on exercises to embrace your brain and nervous system to let go and experience pleasure; allowing you to fall in love with sex and experience amazing sex with your partner.

Group Coaching

An affordable option where us ladies get together in a safe nurturing environment. We explore and discover the truths about sex and intimacy.

1:1 Coaching

A safe, private environment which is focused on you and your sexual goals.


What a better way to explore your sexuality then within a gorgeous, peaceful retreat.

If this sounds good and you’d like to find out more about how we can work together…

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I'm So Proud Of My Clients!

Camille Picazo

"My session with Lynn dee was a beautiful one, she was gentle and allowed me to connect to my Playfulness which was not easy. She is truly inspirational."


"You were fantastic and very curious. We explored many pieces of the body/ mind mapping that were truly helpful. Loved the session and you looked so cute!"

Adri Bleloch

"I found Lynn Dee to be tremendously focused and effective in her coaching sessions with me. Lynn Dee held a safe container for me with love and care during my sessions. She made me feel at ease and relaxed. She embodies her practices, and she used many tools to guide me and did all the work with me with so much grace, sensitivity, and deep understanding. She is a true healer, inspirational coach, and a beautiful soul."


"Lynn-dee is a thought provoking and mindful coach who holds a light-hearted and playful space"


"Lynn-Dee is a very powerful coach! She is highly intuitive. I loved her clear guidance and felt super safe with the process!"


"The Wealth of Knowledge offered.  The safe calmness throughout the session, the connection that was created especially the fact that you were able to be with me throughout the session keeping me away from running of away from the now and guiding me back to the session in such a subtle way  I really appreciated you driving all the way from Pretoria to offer me this session The tools provided for me to carry on in practice for the session in my own time in my own space.   Although it too me getting into due to my own personal situations, you have been completely patient, and I really appreciate it."


"During the meditative state in consultation regarding my inner child. I closed my eyes and you guided me to my safe space to connect with my inner child which had been a long time since I made that connection, the peace the excitement I felt as I expressed this connection made me realise how much I had forsaken this little being.  The session reminded me of the importance of this inner child and how she can help me move forward through laughter and love. I would also like to elaborate on the meditation when I was taken through the breathing practice firstly, great selection of music it really was very soothing.  my experience was a little tense and I do understand why, the sharp piercing sensation I felt on my right side near my genitals was a great reminder of the fear I had built regarding letting go of past experience good or bad (especially related sex). I realised that its part of my blockage in relation to my choice with men."


"So, hear honestly, I cannot list 5 things as you were completely calming throughout the session I think there might have only been one thing that I felt discomfort in was when you allowed me to freely express myself be it through sound or action, maybe here it was a bit overwhelming as I met you for the first time and I felt uncomfortable.  So, you understand my point I find it difficult to even scream when in difficult situation so you could say I block myself from letting go. You made me feel comfortable in my own home. you gave me space to work through the processes we engaged in in my own time. You even gave me time to get to the tasks. On the whole I really enjoyed my experience and its definitely something I can look at for my future when the time presents itself as I know I have lots to clear. So much Gratitude for the work you are doing.."

    Want a Taste?

    You’re in for a treat!

    I should start by saying that a great exercise to help you connect to your partner is first connecting fully to yourself!

    I’ve made an in-depth meditation guide to help you connect fully to your body. This guide will help you feel more sensitive and connected to your own touch…and increase your pleasure senses.

    Download the guide now!

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    How did I become a Sex coach?

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