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Aphrodite is very proud to partner with Lynn-dee van Rensburg, Aphrodite’s resident sex coach who helps our clients with their sexual and relationship life so that they can heal their sexuality, fill in gaps in their sexuality education, and be more powerful as a sexual being.

“When I tell someone that I am a sex coach, they generally find it confusing. Often, I will hear, “Oh, so like, you’re a sex therapist?” Well not exactly. “So then, what is it that you actually do?”

“Sex coaching has been sensationalized and even poked fun at because there is not a clear understanding of what sex coaches do. I think that is because of a couple things”.

Sex coaching is relatively new so many people have no baseline of information about it.
People are really hung up about sex and don’t realize that we actually need to study, learn and be guided in order to be the best lovers and the happiest sexual people we can be.
My aim to deal with sex head-on without any blame, shame, or negative judgment so that clients can talk about the things that are hard to talk about and get out of shame and into pleasure and fulfilment. I work with people who are single and with people in relationships. I work with both!

I Want to be Notified.
There are many kinds of sex coaches. What I do is unique, and I use a system for coaching that I have developed organically out of the work that I have done with people for years. There are some things that every person who wants to work on their sexuality in a serious way will have to do to grow.

In general, sex coaches act as educators as part of our work because most people have had sub-par sex education. People need to learn the stuff no one ever taught them about sex from someone who knows about sex and is not going to pontificate about what they should and should not be doing. That is the job of a priest, not a sex coach!

My Sex coaching is different from therapy because it is not focused on healing past wounds as much as it is about creating your life in the present. My sex coaching can be therapeutic, yet it addresses your specific concerns in a powerful way that can transform your life.

I take a holistic approach to sexuality in my coaching practice. I work with essential steps to a sexually empowered life because I know that sex operates in the context of one’s life, and that context must be worked on—not just what happens with the sex act itself.

For this reason, my work also encompasses the relationships you choose to have, your emotional patterns that get in the way, your feelings about your body, the way you deal with sexual shame, and much more. I know my work is very powerful and creates lasting transformation in my client’s lives. I absolutely love helping EVERYONE to transform how they approach sex, how they love their bodies, how they develop and fulfil desire, how they shift frustrating patterns, and how they have the deeper intimacy and pleasurable relationships they so deserve. It is an absolute honour to midwife people through a process of coming home to the self and honouring their own deepest desires.

I think that everyone needs help with their sexuality at some point in their life. Most people will not actually seek out support. Will you be the one who will prioritize your sexuality and develop your sexual life? Or will you let it quietly fade away, or leave it alone in its shame to eat away at itself? The choice is yours, and now that you know there are options for you to develop your sexuality, I hope you will accept one…or two or three!

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