Controlling Everything

My husband is showering me with love. I am desperately in need of love now but is unable to surrender and receive any love because of the pressure I am experiencing to just stay as I always do.

Although he wants to embrace me in love I still hesitate and still resist all he is offering.

Let us look at my past – I grew up not wanting love because of hurt that always accompanied and now faced with love from my husband and having to embrace it. I must let go of my old ways and therefore prevent myself from repeating my old unhealthy tune.

Why do I keep telling myself that I do not deserve pleasure and continue feeling guilty when I should feel sexy? I need to re write my story for once and forever.

Love is holy and sacred and does allow pleasure in my live.
My new story then: Love without limits or any conditions. Love contains all flavours in one moment.
Expressing and experiencing love is what life is all about. You deserve to have pleasure in your life.

My mantra for the week is – FUN, Joyfulness and a YES for all the good things love has to offer..

What is yours?

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