Dealing with Emotions

If you have a EMOTIONS you can Benefit from this chat. Lynn-dee is Female Sexuality Coach (Teaching people to take their POWER back). Indira is Self Love Vita Coach. We avoid our emotions and feelings. Indira said heavy emotions we avoid leave them behind. She encourage us to go to this emotions. Be brave dive into how to connect to these emotions. Lynn-dee share her own experience of growing up that her emotions wasn’t a healthy thing to do in society. Emotions is necessary for our human experience it our body way communicating to us. Indira heavy emotions was Fear. She was a fearful person. Was heavy emotion in her body. She felt fear but didn’t know what to do with this emotion. It is important to dive into these deep emotions. Indira gave example of what fear did in her body. Connect to the root of fear (related to when you were a child). As child we learned that this wasn’t safe so we learned a pattern to not show this emotion. TOOL: Consciously going into meditation to access her true self. To find her reason behind the fear. Have a conversation (shell) with fear. Asked: What you need? How can I help you? She created a new reality and relationship with FEAR. Also consider what her body and nervous system could handle itself. Present for fear can be challenging to avoid this FEAR. Starting a new relationship with Fear: 1. Consciousness Desire to create consciousness to feel this 2. Take time make yourself a priority 10 minutes plan yourself to be with yourself. to prepare meditation. Meditation state of stillness just connect to your being. Higher connection of everything (different levels). Calm your mind. Focus on one thing. 3. Talk to your Fear Connection. No thinking but just feeling. Asked questions don’t need to be pro. Create a link. To overcome heavy emotions is to EMBRACE IT. Embrace all your emotions. Indira mentioned that we disconnect with our own wisdom.

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