How did I become a Sex coach?

How did I became become a sex and love coach? Let’s start at the beginning.. I was born into a conservative Christian family and the Bible was interpreted and used to consider all aspects of life.

There was a definite no in respect of most of the sexual behavioral demands, I had. I did however had a wonderful childhood and was always cheerful and full of hope and energy. I was a teenager during the early 2000s and was already subject to a more liberal world.

My parents taught me to wait for my Christian husband and to only have my first intimate relationship with such a person. I did however lived in a already different world that my parents were used to and had sexual relationships as a young adult with different partners.

I enjoyed my sexual side despite the guilt brought to myself and noticed that this side of mine had wonderful potential and power. With my background this caused shame and trauma. I thought I was doomed and that I am now a slut and that I will never see the gates of Heaven! I gradually disconnected from my sexual side because of this guilt I connected to my sexual pleasure.

As a young adult, I had little success with my relationships and came to the conclusion that relationships will only last 6 months. At 24, I met my husband with whom I am now married for 11 years. He was a few years older than I was and had the patients to give me room where I needed it. This said, it still was not an easy journey. I consider this journey very important for me to reach this point in my life.

Similar to my previous relationships, the intimacy side lost its juiciness and excitement within the first few months. I felt that it was a duty and that he just wanted a dream wife and a simple sexual routine.

I could clearly read or feel energy and felt that it was not nourishing nor sacred. Our relationship suffered tremendously and even caused more trauma and disappointment with failed expectations and definitely not close to my hopes and dreams!

I went to search for a solution.. In my culture and even under the influence of the US and Europe cultures, I was unable to get an answer.

I was not interested in what the pornography industry and the mass social media, had to offer ! I came to the conclusion that I cannot be one of the normal human beings that have a certain amount of sexual encounters on a weekly basis.

My soul was desperately searching for something different and I ended up with more confusion and even more questions without answers! My soul was still searching for that special thing. I thought, well I did investigate all the avenues known to me so I ventured into the unknown. We all have heard of the kamasutra and I went investigating the Eastern side of this world of intimacy.

I started my journey on Google and found this magic word – tantra. I got hold of an American expert with appropriate courses and immediately register for the sex and relationship course that runs over a period of two years. This include a major in tantra sexuality. I now started to study and went searching for the root of my unhappiness.

I discovered very high walls that I build and I knew I had to embrace them and this was the moment I realised that sex is my source of healing and nourishment. In order to achieve this sexual bliss in your life, there are a few very important things you will need to allow in your life. You need to understand that it is mostly the quality of the moment that counts and that all expectations need be questioned.

You need to show up for yourself and you need to practice self pleasure exercises that will open a new world off possibilities as your exploration progresses. How can you, for example expect someone else to achieve miracles.

I aim to teach ladies this power that will lead to their wholeness that is available to all of us right inside of us without you having to go to look for wisdom on the outside.

Our bodies are wise and are capable of unlocking moments you won’t imagine. Tantra take time and is for sure not a quick fix. It takes discipline, consistency and an ability to really love yourself even if it hurts when you show up!

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