The Most Sensual Word…

Intimacy… ⁣
The most sensual word ….⁣Intimacy is not about the sex….⁣
In real terms intimacy is about the truth.⁣

When you feel safe when you look in to your partner’s eyes that is real intimacy…⁣
⁣When you feel protected in the breath of your partner that is the real intimacy…⁣
When you heart beats synchronize and when you feel the breath of each other and you become one that is the real intimacy…⁣

To achieve a real state of intimacy lot’s of inner work is required dear one…⁣

Are you ready to work on yourself …⁣
Are you ready to get intimidated…⁣
Are you ready to become the real love warrior…⁣
Come and join me in this journey of love warriors…my love ones..⁣