Personal Development

I am sharing that I am tantra female sexuality’s coach and I teach with the tools of tantra. Missy mentioned personal development is not necessary on personal level but also relates to business. I share my story 7 years ago I would not have know what personal development was. We are taught in society not to look after ourselves and just have this mentality of go go go. My sexuality led me to my personal development. I also mentioned their is a part of us that just wants to grow and expand the whole time. I give advise that pleasure must be first on the list instead of last after all the hard work. In the morning connect to what gives you pleasure. Connect to your beautiful bodies with tools you got to come to this planet. Missy relates to her grounding practice is the same. Missy mentioned she is life long learning. Personal development helps a person grow. To me it is never-ending journey to more doors and more. Connecting to my own development had brought me balance in my business life. I am also creating from a place of self not because everyone else is doing it. True healthy personal development is when you doing it for YOU. It is not easy it takes constant showing up. When we face with challenge what within yourself can overcome the challenge this is where personal development comes to play. The tip for the viewer was allowing yourself to just BE. Start with you.

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