Self love Exercise

We spoke about people having a lot of layers to discover themselves. Learning to be you in all areas of your life. People find it hard to understand projections. Coming back to yourself and center yourself. Their no ideal situation to be you. You need to create this to be YOU. Shaung-Min said that enjoying the imperfections of us. I spoke about how we create unconsciously and consciously the whole time and I have to bring myself back to the why question and say is this what I am wanting to create? I mentioned I come from lineage of oppressed woman that didn’t speak up for themselves and they had the mindset of suffering. Pleasure isn’t a word that my ancestors even knew. Pleasure comes with empowering and you need to reeducate yourself regards to empowering yourself. Shaung-Min mentioned they also don’t talk about pleasure or even their bodies. I’ve asked Shaung-Min why would someone want to implement self love? She said that live is full of challenges and if you dont know how to love yourself when it gets unfamiliar /challenge you can go blaming mode on yourself. Instead asking how can I learn from this? Feeling the uncomfortable of not knowing at that moment. WE CAN LEARN. Self love reduce stress, anxiety and uncertainty,. I mentioned that we are not taught to have compassion for ourselves and we are taught from young age to fix something instead of having compassion. Are greatest triggers are our greatest teachers. I mentioned that we have so much freedom but we dont have the freedom in our minds because we live in the past and not what is right IN front of us. We spoke about the word Love and it requires a lot of self awareness. Start with yourself create love for yourself. Self love exercise: Write a list what you are grateful for about yourself In being we look for something but coming into being of gratefulness Taking action of doing this exercise How you feel when doing it (emotional connection) Write it down at the beginning I spoke about your heart rate when you connect to gratitude and mentioned that science mentioned that gratitude is the only emotions that you don’t feel other emotions. We both gave our experience on this exercise and what it meant in our lives. Encouragement message: Self development can seem scary but it doesn’t have to be seen like that. It can be joyful to understand yourself and it is the freedom that your looking for. The path is beautiful and buy a ticket to yourself. Please comment below what are you grateful for? Share away

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