Stepping into your Power

What a lovely time with Mitch and sharing with you all. I mentioned that sex is actually medicine and healing space for us. We still have the old systems of oppressed culture. Their is a lot of shame and guilt put on self pleasure in today’s culture. Understanding your power you need to spend time with yourself out of sexuality. All human emotions are welcomed and encourage you to embrace them. Sex was always a fight between myself and my hubby. Tantra meaning is woven together. Brought all aspects of myself into my physical being. Complete wholeness. I could not find my answer to my question in the western world. Who made the rule of orgasm to be the focus of sex the whole time? It is about honoring the seasons. In some traditions we are taught that self pleasure is sinful. To Mitch it was scary to go on Tinder date and never see this guy every again. Myself mentioned that coming to sex their need to be a level of safety when expressing your desires. Everybody desire is different and open line communication need to be the center of relationship. When you face your inner demons your not just doing it for yourself but for generations to come. Mitch mentioned his experience when it not 50/50 %. I mentioned that we go through harmony and disharmony moments. Feeling and present is Healing it. Human being all want safety, connection and respect. Mitch mentioned active listening is the key to equality. I explained my story how I life in Covid times. To me it was about brining the balance back. Mitch mentioned courage to create what you want with high vibrations. Lynn-dee mentioned living out of heart their endless opportunities than your mind can comprehend. Follow your heart without any cages. Mitch mentioned his childhood self imagine that he created. Society must not tell us what is okay and what is not. I mentioned what is it what you really want? My why behind all of this is speaking up for repressed people. Mitch invested in stories and people from childhood. Mitch mentioned how we evolve and how interesting that is. Mitch mentioned his experience of Covid. Time are changing maybe I should to? I mentioned using your sexual energy to create. Mitch mentioned his experience with barrier and be okay to speak about things. Its okay to asked for help and speak about trauma and that it isn’t weak. We need each other to heal. Coming back to your programming. Mitch mentioned how counselling helped him.