Vulva is Divine

A woman needs a man like a fish needs water…⁣
Harm of this model is woman become the slave of man and pleasure became the tool of release….⁣

Real pleasure means where your soul satisfied and you get orgasm from your soul and it reflect on your body.⁣

In these system male has become the center of the sex and his satisfaction become the orgasm of the both…⁣

That has created the fake orgasms and created the vacuum of unsatisfied feminine.⁣

This doom woman and unsatisfied of dorm room sexual story that is there. ⁣

And unsatisfied feminine can’t give birth to healthy society as the new coming world is taking birth from her womb…⁣

Cherish woman and I also teach exercises that can be done instead of what we not be taught. ⁣

India tantras had taught us this freedom and tantra wisdom taught us that the vagina was cherished by men and that was their prior goal. ⁣

The cherishing of the vagina was the first step of their sex practice …⁣

Gentle touch to massage of her ….⁣
They were talking and worshiping the vagina and make feel her alive …⁣

It is joyful play. Sexuality path to divine. ⁣

Vagina is seed of divine. The Fluid is believed to link with heavens….⁣

Woman is life-giving. The penis is to satisfied their . Fully satisfaction her. Woman is invited to love the slowness.⁣

Expressing through sounds one of key elements. Woman sexuality was Compared to water. Long slow play. Sucking her breast they says this link to a man spinal cord. Your first duty is the for gate to open up( vagina). It is about giving and receiving and nourishing to your spirit.⁣

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