What is Happiness

The topic was what is happiness? Kath mentioned she had the mindset happiness was something achieved when she was fixed. She already had idea that she was broken. I mentioned that you have to question what is happiness to you it is unique to every individual. So asking yourself the question what is the core emotions your wanting out of the experience of having that thing that will make you happy? Not coming from a wanting place but actually opening your eyes that it is actually right In front of u already. Happiness is not filled in someone else box. Happiness to me is absorbing all the moment has to offer. Happy through the acceptance of the moment. When I was unhappy I was attached to the outcome. It was less somewhere to get but more a acceptance to be. Getting out of your head into your heart. The longest journey from head to your heart. The will to be I Lynn-dee I had to die to. Kath mention we strive for happiness. Hoping and trying to find happiness everybody is talking about. It was all headwork. It coming back to you heart and learning the lessons. My core philosophy is that is what we here to experience Love with no labels on. We spoke about how our minds lies. Kath mentioned it is about feeling and feeling where homeostasis is. She spoke how detached we are from head with are with our nervous system. We are made to feel, using senses. Feeling coming into the moment. Our hearts don’t break it is our minds putting the story to it. Their is certain feeling involved in happiness. So how do you bring happiness in while getting challenging news? The key to catch was making a conscious choice to be happy. Coming back to present. Getting back to the questions of the imprinted happiness. But going what your are. ACCEPTANCE brought her happiness. Free will is the first choice to change. Breathwork has helped going into these conditions and layers we carry. Changing your relationship with your mind. Coming back to gratitude in the moment and focus of what can you make of it instead of following the thread of everything that could go wrong. Transforming the pain to make it pleasurable and happy to u. Every bodies experience has a value. We don’t celebrate each other. We are meant to live in community to support each other. We are disconnected that why we are unhappy. Happiness doesn’t come with a sign.

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