Wild Breath Journey

Wild Breath journey Lynn-dee(My Journey) to breath and becoming a facilitor. My sexuality obstacles has led me to breathwork. That led me to eastern Tantra route where I was introduced to breathwork. I breathed with myself a very long period to discover what breath meant to me. I went oversea where I got introduce to breathwork in a group when I saw this I immediately knew I am going to be hosting one myself someday. Breathwork is my JAM. (I am very passionate about it). Andy asked what do I get out of breathwork? My answer was every time it is different. But the connection to source that words cant comprehend. It is all nothingness and just being. It give me a lot satisfaction to see people feeling and experience the breath for themselves. Also coming out of the monkey mind system. We are disconnected and breathwork brings back the connection. Andy asked what is my goal regards to breathwork? My answer was it will be a delight to tell each person on the planet about breath. I dont have goal but it is honor to talk about the breath itself. It gives me delight to tell people about this tool. Our body goes through seasons and a many more at a time. Their is a lot of type of breathing and their is different to suit your body requirements. So a daily practice would be connecting to your body and what is it requiring. Bring in balance. Their is so much to breath to still discover. Start with awareness Firstly

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